Why is physics important

Physics is acknowledged by many as the most difficult study to comprehend. The layman’s language would drub physics as baffling mayhem of mathematical equations with gnarled symbols trying to define theories of all sorts of invisible forces interplaying in an almost supernatural way around all of us. However, the truth is that physics, despite the infamy, is still the most basic science branch as it deals with the supreme entity — matter.

Matter makes up everything around us. The whole universe is a conglomeration of matter, and physics is the study of this matter. In a broader sense, physics is the study of the Universe. Every action occurring around us involves the application of force and dissipation of energy. Study of physics sheds the covers off these forces of nature and enables human beings to manipulate these forces for their benefit. This makes physics an indispensible component of academic courses all over the world. The present day status of technological advancements in all fields is courtesy the groundwork done by physicists from centuries. The building block of even the most complex and sophisticated electronic circuits is the transistor, and the discovery of the transistor was a result of the remarkable semiconductor based research. In a way, the technological boom is a direct application of physics.

Communication is the single most powerful tool that makes the human race the master species. Without the theories of physics, this amazing era of global connectivity would be nothing but an unfulfilled dream. And it is unbelievably fascinating to note that there are still more leaps possible, all thanks to physics. The realms of nano-technology are expansive to the highest degree imaginable. Quantum computing, a futuristic physics based approach towards technology, aims at making the computer even quicker and compact than its present form. Cosmology, another branch of physics, aims at unveiling the origin of the Universe.

The laws of motion are the heart and soul of our locomotion. And most importantly, the study of physics fosters a logical mindset in the learner and hence, opens up new vistas of the development of the individual in itself, and for the society as a whole. Truly, physics has integrated the whole Universe into a single entity, and it would not be overstating to regard physics as the most powerful and prospective scientific branch.