Why is meteorology important

Keeping the definition as simple as it can be, meteorology can be understood to be the ‘science and study of weather.’ However, the scope of meteorology is very expansive, contrary to the initial impression created by its rather modest definition. The reality is that meteorology is an amalgam of many studies pertaining to atmosphere, land and oceans, amongst many others. Meteorology thrives on careful and astute observation of natural phenomenon.

Though the basic ideology of meteorological study remains same, the advent of the age of technology and information has made the exchange of the observational findings extremely fast and efficient. Weather satellites monitor atmospheric conditions globally and send the data to cataloging centers across the globe. This makes meteorology a constantly developing branch of science. The findings of these satellites have a huge role to play in many fields which may be totally unrelated from the branch of meteorology, but extremely important for the human race. Foe instance, agricultural practices all over the world are subject to the prevalent and predicted weather conditions. It would ne nothing much different from a goose chase in the dark without the proper guidance of the meteorologists who predict the weather patterns over a long period of time, and hence, enable farmers and agriculturists to plan their activities accordingly. The aviation industry thrives on meteorology. It is simply beyond imagination to run the risk of flying an aircraft without the knowledge of the weather pattern throughout the route. This information is made available through meteorology, and hence, it can be safely concluded that meteorology is as integral to aviation as the fuel that powers the aircraft.

The tourism industry also owes a lot to the science of weather forecasting. It is observed that the tourism hubs all over the world have their peak seasons, which have obviously been decided by the favorable climate prevalant in those seasons. The fishery industry across the globe depends on accurate weather forecasts which enable the fishermen to venture into the oceans at favorable times. Thus, meteorology also leads to the insurance of their safety and mitigates the chances of them encountering life threatening storms. The same holds true for the shipping industry. Prior knowledge of the weather is indispensable to decide the voyage of the ships. Thus, the branch of meteorology has a monumental role to play in the lives of human beings.