Why is medicine important

Human existence and the strike of diseases go hand in hand, and it has remained so right from the beginning of times. In the primitive civilizations, there existed no notion of symptoms and causes of diseases. An ailment was considered a supernatural and uncontrollable occurring, attributed to the forces of nature and those beyond it. Consequently, the cure of the ailment was also left as a task to nature itself. In rare cases, spontaneous natural interaction would result in a favorable change in health, however, most of the times, this did not happen. As a result, human life was short-lived.

The present age is in utter contrast. Not only are most common diseases curable, there are well established norms of leading life in a certain manner so that these ailments do not trouble a human being. This tremendous achievement is a boon of medical science. A simple fact can throw light on the remarkable importance of medical sciences in the progress of human beings. From a petty 25 years, the age of the average human being has almost tripled itself because of the groundbreaking inventions of medicine. No wonders medicine is considered the most essential branch of all sciences, as its impact on human beings is immediate and indispensible. Linguistically speaking, medicine is a derivative of the Latin words ars medicina, which means the art of healing. Medicine is a specialization in health sciences, with the sole aim of preventing and alleviating the ill effects of a disease. One does not need to look far away to smell the fragrance of medical science.

Commonplace medicines for curing body pain and fever are used in the quantities of millions everyday. Medicine is a vast study that applies its theories to ensure a healthy life for human beings through the use of tablets, drugs, syrups, exercises and other similar means. Medicine has the potential to provide a human being comprehensive immunity from uncontrollable factors of environment. Studies aiming at identifying the agents that cause a certain deficiency or disease, and then experimenting to develop the antidote for the agent make much of the framework within which medical science works. The importance of studying medicine and pursuing further betterments can’t be stressed enough.

It is due to the efforts of scholars of this field that the human race has the norms of a healthy lifestyle laid out clearly in front. The modern day medicinal research attempts at nullifying the side effect of drugs and making our lives even more secure.