Why is mathematics important

We face many situation in the course of our lifetime, and though all these scenarios are varied in their nature, a single thread binds them together. All these situations can be tackled only with a step by step problem solving attitude. Mathematics, the study of logic, deductions, applications is the tool that creates this problem solving attitude in a human being. Mathematics deals with numbers and all the operations that can be applied on them.

The application of these operations is a function of the level of logic an individual has in his system. The statistical data encountered in tackling mathematic problems is raw information. By performing operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, meaningful data can be extracted from the information. Mathematics is a strict rule based subject, and there is no scope for ambiguity in its study. The most important aspect about the study of mathematics is the fact that continuous interaction with its theories is bound to create a clear mind set in the learner. The logical acumen engendered during the course is indispensible in dealing with the challenges of life. In fact, mathematics is credited with the accomplishment of the most important aims of education at a primary level, i.e., the fostering of a structured thinking and problem solving attitude. At the beginning, the study of mathematics might come across as unnecessary; however, there is no denying the fact that the concepts of mathematics play a humongous role in our lives.

A world without mathematics is a world without business. Schools and colleges all across the earth have mathematics included in their syllabi. However, it would be commendable if the authorities could ensure that children know the huge role of mathematics in the life of humans. The whole industry of architecture thrives on measurements, and mathematics simplifies and organizes the art of measurements. Imagine what a chaos it would be all around had it not been for the immaculate works of the mathematicians of the ancient times. The primitives used to deal in barter system, i.e., exchanging an article in place of another article.

It was mathematics that introduced the idea of ‘value,’ the idea of one article being costlier and worthier than the other. Over centuries, mathematics has shaped the way the human society sustains itself. The momentous stature of mathematics is evident in the fact that GDP, a purely mathematical concept, is considered as a pellucid indicator of the growth of a country.