Why is biology important

The most appropriate definition for biology is remarkably crisp. Put simply, biology is the study of life. Elaborating further, biology is the branch of science that deals with living organisms existing in the environment in all forms, ranging from the minute microbes to the gigantic mammals like the blue whale. Biology studies the behavior of these living entities and the interdependencies between them. Building further upon this premise, the branch of biology dilates to form meaningful amalgams with the fields of medicine, horticulture, agriculture, genetics and the environment.

The elements and theories of biology find great application in multiple industries and fields, hence necessitating the inclusion of biology in the academic courses across the globe. The most obvious result of the constant research in biology is the immense growth of medical science. Biology is the engine gyrating all the medical machinery functioning all over the world. Be it pharmacists or pathologists, medical practitioners or nurses; knowledge of biology enables these individuals to render their services and help the public tackle unavoidable issues like diseases and infections. Persistence of research and development in biology is a major reason for the prolonged life period of human being today. Gone are the days when diseases like plague and cholera used to kill thousands of people in one strike.

It is remarkable that what were once regarded as epidemic are now curable through medicines and vaccinations. And the essence of biology is retained for the other life forms apart from humans. It would not be possible to sustain the health of pets like dogs and cats but for the marvels of biology in the form of modern treatment methodologies. Also, it is possible to interact and understand with the enigmatic oceanic world through the advancement of biology, as marine life is a specialized branch in biology. However, the most indispensable service offered by biologists is the study of the environment and the issues regarding its health. The sustenance of the human race depends on the quality of the environment, and it is no secret that human activities leave lasting impact on the environment. In such a situation, the need for undertaking specialized research in environmental studies, which is a sub-branch of biology. It is courtesy techniques of pollution control and the nascent concept of large scale use of green fuels that the human race can contemplate its sustenance.

The value of studying biology can’t be stresses enough in the modern times, as the theories of biology are applicable on each and every living entity, and the its knowledge serves the purpose of understanding oneself better.