Why do veins pop out

Veins, when visible, give rise to different reactions. Whereas some may interpret this as some sort of weakness, whereas others might just as well be impressed by the sight. The appearance of veins around the wrist is a sign of weakness, and not attractive at all. Visible veins around the biceps and triceps are a much craved for natural make up now a days. Teal green in color, with the odd tinge of blue, the veins outlining the toned body do make for a good viewing.

The criss-crossed patterns of these tendrils definitely improve the aesthetic appeal of the body. This is precisely why many male teenagers make it a point to join a gym in order to work out, and achieve this status of the popping veins. Genetic make up of an individual is a vital factor that determines as to whether the popping out of veins is a likely phenomenon to occur. Parents with superficial nature of veins are likely to give birth to children who grow up to exhibit the same characteristics. The biological make up makes the second important ingredient for this ‘dish’ to cook to taste. People with a lesser degree of body fat and a superior level of protein intake go a long way in developing a considerable amount of muscle content. The low flesh concentration complements this and the result is that the person develops a rather enviable vein pattern. There is no tattoo in the world that can replace the green stamp of fitness in the form of meandering veins. There is a well spread misconception about heavy work out and exercise sessions aiding the visibility of veins through the heavy surge of blood flow.

The so called logic behind this theory is that the blood saturates the veins due to the stress, causing them to inflate and hence, become obvious. However, there is no scientific backing to this theory. On the contrary, rigorous exercise actually reduces the pressure in the veins. There is a different explanation for the results of the exercise. The pressures and flows inside the body are a bit too complex to be understood easily, hence, it is appropriate for the time being to state that the cumulative effects of the pressure changes cause the superficial veins to come closer to the skin surface, hence becoming more prominent.