How does physics affect our lives

Physics is the unified study of the basic forces of nature. These forces, though not visible, are at work constantly and incessantly. One of the oldest branches of science, physics has a major role to play in our lives. Physics instigates a logical outlook and invigorates the desire to know more. Physics implores individuals to break the chains of conventionalism and step beyond the lines of imagination into a world full of possibilities.

Physics aims at explaining the very beginning of the universe. All the latest technology at our disposal has been developed using the fundamentals of physics. Imagination would be dark had it not been for the works of the great physicians of the past who explained the movement of the earth around the sun. The ultimate entity, the Universe, is also a subject matter for studies in physics. The theories of physics have far reaching applications in many other spheres like chemistry and technology. This age is the age of technology. And technology is powered by electronics. The contemporary breed of high speed electronics is a direct consequence of the discovery of silicon based devices.

The study of the physical behaviour of semiconductors is the foundation stone of the magnificent castle of technology that the human race has erected. Man’s survival depends upon the availability of energy. In its core form, energy is a physical concept. The methodologies for extracting energy out of various resources are all results of research conducted by the physicians of yester years. Newton’s laws of motion are the mathematical blueprint that forms the base of the levels of transportation that we have been able to establish. The Bernoulli’s principle is the groundwork for the age of aircrafts and cargo planes.

The first measuring devices had simple physical phenomenon as the foundation. Experimentation with matter and its properties has resulted in the availability of specialized products for infinite applications. Even the most futuristic arena of quantum computing has physics at its core. The communication satellites orbiting the earth would not have been a possibility had it not been for the concepts of the orbit, earth’s rotation and revolution, and gravity. As a matter of fact, all the major milestones in the journey of the human race to its present form are marked with the name of a physician. The impact of physics on the society and our lives is indubitable.