How does chemistry relate to life

The impact of chemistry is so immense on our daily lives that it is hard to separate out a set of activities that does not involve a chemical process. All consumables are results of a well thought out chemical course of action, and life without chemistry directly implies a life without any consumable item. The varied colors all around due to the specific shade characteristics of different things are explained by the concepts of chemistry. It is the result of chemical reactions that we have such a vast list of edibles on offer.

Had it not been for chemistry, the human race would be left at the primitive levels of nutrition. However, it is courtesy the chemical methodologies that a variety of crops have been developed over the years which form the staple diets of populations all over the world. Ongoing research also aims at engendering a breed of chemical products like bio-fertilizers and natural pesticides. The society is indebted to the chemists of the old and present times alike. With their knowledge of chemistry, these people have contributed immensely to the emergence of mankind as a virtually indomitable force through the medical inventions in the form of drugs and medicines. The branch of chemistry is so expansive this it affects the research and development for most other branches of science. For instance, the contemporary high-tech world owes a major part of its success to the emergence of silicon as the electronic base. It is not possible to utilize the abundant supply of natural ores and minerals without the sophisticated extraction and purification techniques that have been devised by chemistry researchers of the yester years.

It is hard to imagine the present life without the things we are so used to. For instance, soaps and detergents are used in unimaginable quantities every moment across the globe. It is courtesy the study of chemical properties of compounds that the invention of such useful products has been possible. The prospects of research in chemistry are bright and rewarding. Human race has witnessed constant betterment of living standards, and this has been a consequence of the availability of better products in each generation.

The power of a chemical reaction is unimaginably valuable. By tapping this colossal potential, the human race has made a better and more comfortable world. The future progress of the society also depends on the research that can be undertaken in the field of chemistry.