How does biology affect society

The society is a mirror of the ideologies and the way of living of its individuals. Science has always had its social undercurrents. The history of mankind gives ample examples of situations when a scientific assertion resulted into heated social situations, and there is a great number of instances when certain new discoveries and inventions revolutionized and altered the course of the development of the society.

Biology, the branch of science that deals directly with all living beings, has possibly the most palpable and immediate impact on the society. The gradual metamorphosis of biology from an amorphous philosophy of nature to an arena with multiple specialized sub branches has spanned over a course of centuries, and the society has felt the implications of each and every turn that this course has taken. There were times when the concept of disease ad medicine was non existent and ailment was attributed to supernatural powers. Epidemics like plague and small pox resulted in the annihilation of populations. But biologists and physicians have alleviated this virtually indomitable problem by developing medicines and anti-dotes for all kinds of diseases.

The incontestable impact of biology is evident in the fact that the life span of the average human being has jumped from a meager 25 years to more than 60 years. The theory of evolution, a vital part of the knowledge base of biology, has academic as well as philosophic value and reflects the flourishing of the various life forms into the supreme human being. Each and every individual is affected by the knowledge of biology, as this branch is the study of oneself and one’s surroundings; hence, biology comprises an essential part of the global academia. The boom in the research activity pertaining to biology in the 21st century has opened up new vistas for many in the form of jobs and opportunities. Each passing year is marked with the emergence of revolutionary inventions in the field of medicine. Biology also finds application in the crime departments of different nations. This is courtesy the epic DNA theory that differentiates each human being from the other. A DNA is the identity code to any organism. From the very beginning, biology has been playing a major role in shaping the social clay for mankind, and this is a continual process.

Each generation witnesses a distinct social protocol, and this is due to the knowledge disseminated by the branch of biology. An understanding of biology is the understanding of oneself, and this individual understanding has a cumulative impact in the social make up of each culture.