How does astronomy affect us

Astronomy is a bridge between absolute ignorance and concrete information about the vast physical space we live in, called the Universe. Ignorance of astronomy would have stunted the growth of the human race, and instead of being the master class on the present era, this age would not have been significantly different from the one where man used to stare at the skies with baffled eyes, without any idea at all about his environment. Astronomy has told us that our planet, the Earth is a constantly moving physical body.

The branch of astronomy is a conglomeration of the basics of all the major branches like physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc. The facts unveiled through astronomical research are the first few facts that a human offspring observes and absorbs, for instance, the transactions of days and nights, the rising and setting of the Sun. The curiosity to know more and ask more is instigated through these ideas only. Hence, astronomy is in a way responsible for shaping an inquisitive outlook in a human being from the young age. This quest for answers is the most powerful tool for making new discoveries and inventions. It is hard to even contemplate the chaos that would have consumed human life had there been no idea of the precise and structured time-keeping. There would have been no stability to the progress of life without the basic tenets of astronomy. The establishment of the fact that the Earth was round rather than flat is the foundation stone of this age of advanced communication where information can flow within diametrically opposite countries within a matter of seconds.

The strengthening of the knowledge base of any branch used to take centuries in the medieval times. It was astronomical research that led the concept of logarithms. Large calculations might have been out of scope today without this aid from astronomy. The knowledge of gravity and orbits resulted in the steady progress of the space age. It is remarkable that there was a time when there was no information regarding any other planet than Earth, and today, scientists have made numerous visits to celestial bodies. Cosmology can predict the happenings in space and meteorology can tell in advance about the expected weather patterns of upcoming days. Astronomy created the passion amongst scholars to pursue the development of high power astronomical telescopes that have innumerable applications. The possibilities of the skies are infinite, and astronomy is the means towards tapping these opportunities.